Two Girls

Two girls sitting under a tree,

a rose in one’s hand, in other’s a chocolate for free.

Their Aunt is generous. She comes, now and then,

to scold their parents for the times when,


Didi was eight, Riya nine,

when their dad’s words mighty fine

choked their throats, bled their souls.

They sat, under the tree, crying alone.

When their mum pulled their hair and screamed,

‘Why did you happen to me?’

They cried and held each other while their parents fought a bitter fight.


Today was the same, yet again.

They sat under a tree,

the younger asked the elder,

‘Will we ever be free?’

– Rashi


Note: This is something I stand for. Because I know how fucked up emotions can destroy your life. Not a personal experience but it still hurts to be conscious of the fact that there are such children out there going through all this shit and not being able to stand up for themselves. Because, how can they? 


(Image via Pinterest – “…PSA ads by Juvenile Protective Association visually illustrate that “Verbal abuse is still abuse.” These ads were created by EuroRSCG Chicago, USA.”)




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