“Love me, baby” Ha, sure, you son of a bitch!

If there is one thing which last year has taught me is that the more you care about people, the more likely you are to be hindered in things which are most important to you. I have had to face numerous failures just because I was too afraid to let go of the people I love and I was too naïve to realize that those people, on the other hand, did not give a damn whether I lived or died, literally. I was a game. A game they thought they had played well. A game they thought they excelled at. So, here adds another resolution for this year – Do not give away your love as if it holds no true value. Stop showering worthless people with attention they clearly do not deserve. It’s better to be labelled bitter by a few than sacrificing your happiness and spending your valuable thoughts and time on pieces of shit. That is my advice to every Pisces out there because we tend to be really emotional over the smallest things and although we cannot exactly rule that out of our nature, we can try to be more selective in the ways we spend our love, attention, affection and tears. I mean, we will still be cry-baby but let’s just reserve those tears for Lord of The Rings, Dead Poet’s Society and Sherlock, of course.


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