Wuthering Heights & Sleepless Nights


For a past few days, I have been suffering from a bad, a VERY bad insomnia. A couple days back, I even tried crying my eyes out just to strain them. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. Last night I got so frustrated that I screamed so loud (it was 1:30 in the morning) that I scared myself which, clearly, did not help in any way what-so-ever in putting my body to sleep and my mind at ease. Sighing to myself in defeat, I decided to do what happens in most movies: stand under the ‘gorgeous’moonlight. I swear it looked beautiful, the moon. But to my added irritation, a part of it was hidden behind those infernal houses. (God I personally hate one or two maybe five of my neighbours!) Determined to take a full look at the beautifully flawed silver eye of the heaven, I decided to go to the terrace. Where I could feast my eyes upon the beauty of it all. Of the dark night. Maybe meet Dracula!
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