Watch this fucking piece of shit. The music is catchy, I must confess but what’s up with the video?

Is this supposed to be a music video? Is it supposed to impress? What is this child porno trying to tell us? What idea is it supposed to drive home? You watch and decide.

Oh, and do me a favour – Do not say that you liked it. JUST. DO. NOT.

Today’s Mood: ‘Lolita’ by Lana del Rey

‘I want my cake and I want to eat it too
I want to have fun and be in love with you
I know that I’m a mess with my long hair and my suntan, short dress, bare feet
I don’t care what they say about me, what they say about me
Because I know that it’s L.O.V.E.
You make me happy, you make me happy
And I never listen to anyone’


Meet the Parchment Girl: Kate Scott


This is something I am doing for the first time in my life: interviewing someone. Actually, I was amazed at the high content quality I found ay Kate’s blog and it would be cruel not to share the same with you. Everything from the design, the reviews, those gorgeous photos…I developed an instantly biased likeness for the blog. Thus, wanting to know a bit more about its owner, I decided to do this interview. So, let the fun begin!

Kate, first of all, welcome to my humble abode. It’s not much but I am sure you will receive a warm welcome from the readers.
– Thanks for having me! Continue reading “Meet the Parchment Girl: Kate Scott”